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Poornima Omkant

I was born in the Southern part of India. I’m married and blessed with two lovely daughters. My family has always encouraged me and appreciated my various vegetarian continental dishes. I love cooking vegetarian delights for my family and friends. I always hunt for exotic tastes to enhance my culinary art. Crafting food is a type of art that has always interested me because of the opportunities one can have to express one’s vision. There’s no limit to formulating new cookeries. My passion for cooking started with my mother, when I was just in elementary. Perceiving her creativity, I became fascinated with the new inventions and art I could create by using striking ingredients and fashioning captivating recipes. From there, I began to research, learn, and experiment with a variety of ingredients, whether it’s mixing two types of cuisines or trying a new dish. As time went by, I improved greatly in cooking and began developing my own special recipes that I can teach my daughters. My favorite part is seeing the smiles on my family’s face when they take a bite of my masterpiece. Furthermore, I enjoy the satisfactory feeling of the overall taste and appearance of my food art. I’ll always stay in touch with my dishes and never give up with creating new masterpieces. In my world, I am a chef and will always be one.
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