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The following article gives us yet another reason to eat our vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables, tomato sauce, and legumes have been associated with reduced risk of incident advanced prostate cancer.
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1. Stuffed Egg Plant Chef’s traditional north Karnataka special.
2. Banana Bread You will be learning to make Banana bread from scratch.
3. Steamed Momo’s A typical Nepalis cuisine. a type of dumpling filled with Carat, Cabbage and onions.

4. Spicy Carrat Soup

This is healthy colourful and delicious soup. You will love the subtle sweetness of the carrots added to the soup.
5. Spinach and Gangura Chips Mouth watering deep fried friiters made of green leaves and chick peas floor.
6.Buns with Curry It is type of fast food. It can be eaten as a snack or as a meal.
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